Do you want a high quality live video recording of your music?

This free guide from Martyn Baker will tell you how to get one

A high quality live video recording is an essential asset to music based businesses of every kind. Whether you're trying to promote your rock band or advertise an orchestra there is no substitute for a high quality recording when trying to get your sound heard.

Find out how to capture crystal clear audio from your gig in my free guide, “Why you should record your live performances: and how to do it”.

In the digital world these high quality video recordings can be used across a massive range of social media platforms for promotional purposes. You could even strip the sound from the video and sell the live MP3.

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This guide has been specially written to help those who want to learn how to capture the magic of your live performance and digitise it for your future benefit!

In this unique guide I will tell you all about the specifics of setting up and recording your own performance for the most professional end product possible.

Inside you'll find....

  • The advantages to live recording
  • The best kind of equipment to use
  • How a live recording can be studio quality
  • Achieving the best mix and edit

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If you are looking for more specific advice on how to improve live recording set up, this guide will supply you with the best information in the business.

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Martyn Baker

Martyn Baker


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